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You are invited to know Puebla city for free!!!

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Cuexcomate: The smallest volcano that you have ever seen!!!

  • Cuexcomate is an inactive geyser in Puebla city, Puebla state, Mexico. The sinter cone that the geyser built up around its vent is 13 metres (43 ft) tall and has a diameter of 23 metres (75 ft). A central crater within the cone is up to 8 metres (26 ft) wide and 17 metres (56 ft) deep (extending 4 metres (13 ft) below ground level). Promotional video can be seen here.


Paseo de Gigantes (Giants tour)

  • Visitors will be able to admire replicas of Puebla City, Mexico City, as well as Paris, New York, London, Rome, Tokyo, Cairo, Sydney, Moscow, Berlin and Washington. Promotional video can be seen here.


Puebla city

  • Puebla (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpweβla]) (Spanish: Puebla de Zaragoza), formally Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza and also known as Puebla de los Ángeles, is the seat of Puebla Municipality, the capital and largest city of the state of Puebla, and one of the five most important Spanish colonial cities in Mexico. A colonial era-planned city, it is located in (southern) Central Mexico on the main route between the capital, Mexico City, and Mexico’s main Atlantic port, Veracruz—about 100km east southeast of Mexico City. Promotional video can be seen here.


1) Box lunch is included in this tour.

2) We have a limited number of places in the bus.

3) Access to Cuexcomate & “Paseo de gigantes” is included.

3) Additional expenses are not included.