Keynote Speaker 5: Dr. Vivek Kumar Singh


Dr. Vivek Kumar Singh

Vivek Kumar Singh is currently a Professor in Computer Science department at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Prior to this, I have worked for South Asian University at New Delhi during 2011 to 2015 and Banastahli Vidyapith during 2003-2004. I am working with Banaras Hindu University since 2004.  All these assignments primarily included duties of teaching and research.

Research Interests:

Scientometrics:  My interest in Scientometrics revolves around the intersection of information retrieval and scientometrics. It is fascinating to explore how scientometrics can contribute to information retrieval research, particularly in scholarly article domain. I also take interest in computational analysis of bibliometric data for mapping research competence of institutions/ countries, identifying thematic research trends in different disciplines and development of appropriate research performance ranking systems. One project we have been able to complete on thematic area based research performance assessment is available at: 

Text Analytics: I work primarily on tasks like Sentiment Analysis, Information Extraction, Classification and Clustering Algorithms, Content-based Recommender Systems and Social Media Text Analysis. I have developed and coordinated a Text Analytics laboratory, which works in various text analytics tasks. I have also been organizing Text Analytics workshops since 2013 (Deatils at: ). Mining scientific publications is another important area i am interested in.

Artificial and Collective Intelligence:  My interest in Collective Intelligence is aimed at analyzing the structural and dynamic properties of collective systems exhibiting intelligent behaviours. I have designed agent based simulations to model complex social processes and structures and used them to understand & analyze the dynamics of collective intelligence in social groups and organizations.

Keynote: Recommender Systems & Scientometrics


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