Poster session

Poster guidelines

  • The guidelines can be found here.

Placing and presenting your poster

  • Poster should be set up at 12:30 hrs on October 29th, 2018 in the Paintings Hall (“Los Murales”).
  • Presenters should be presenting their poster between 12:30 hrs and 13:30 hrs on October 29th, 2018 in Paintings Hall (“Los Murales”).

Remove Your Poster

Posters must be removed after the poster session before 14:00 hrs on October 29th, 2018. Posters remaining after this time will be removed and recycled.

Distribution of posters

Poster Board Poster ID Authors Poster title
1 P-29 Krystian Jobczyk A Fuzzy Multi-Agent Problem – a Genaral Depiction and its Logic Programming-based Application
2 P-74 Beatriz Beltran and Darnes Vilariño Ayala Survey of Overlapping Clustering Algorithms
3 P-84 Simona Frenda, Somnath Banerjee, Paolo Rosso and Viviana Patti Do linguistic features help deep learning? The case of aggressiveness in Mexican tweets
4 I-21 Rafael Gallardo-García, Beatriz Beltran, Darnes Vilariño Ayala, Claudia Zepeda and Rodolfo Martínez Comparing of Clustering Algorithms in Text Clustering Tasks
5 I-62 Orlando Ramos Flores and David Eduardo Pinto Avendaño Proposal for NERC and the Automatic Generation of Rules on Mexican News
6 I-70 Mathias Etcheverry and Dina Wonsever Order Embeddings for Supervised Hypernymy Detection
7 I-79 Rafael Guzman Cabrera, Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay, Jose Merced Lozano Garcia and Teodoro Cordova Fraga Classification of opinions in cross domains involving emotive values
8 I-82 Alfonso Garcés-Báez and Aurelio López-López A Logical Interpretation of Silence
9 I-96 Juan Manuel Huetle Figueroa, Fernando Perez Tellez and David Pinto On detecting key terms for concept mapping in plain text
10 I-113 Jose Andres Vazquez Flores, David Pinto, Darnes Vilariño Ayala, José de Jesús Lavalle and Héctor Jiménez Salazar Grammatical Inference of Semantic Components in Dialogues
11 R-8 J. Guadalupe Ramos, Isela Navarro-Alatorre, Georgina Flores Becerra and Omar Flores-Sánchez A formal technique for text summarization from web pages by using latent semantic analysis
12 R-16 Benjamín Gutiérrez-Serafín, Humberto Pérez-Espinosa, Juan Martínez-Miranda and Ismael Espinosa-Curiel Classification of barking context of domestic dog using high-level descriptors
13 R-23 Ulrich J. Bröckl and Belem Priego-Sanchez Whether to Beep or not to Beep – On the Influence of some Interaction Design Variables onto its Performance
14 R-35 Josué Figueroa-Gonzalez, Silvia González-Brambila, Beatriz González-Beltrán and Lourdes Sánchez-Guerrero Evaluating predictive techniques in Educational Data Mining: an unbalanced data set case of study
15 R-44 Pritom Hazarika and Madhu Kumari Evolution of Modern Deep Learning Methods of Object Recognition
16 R-68 Ivo H. Pineda Torres, Luis Ángel Santamaría-Colula, Sarahi Zúñiga Herrera, Mario Rossainz-Lopez and Maria J Somodevilla DNA sequence recognition using image representation.
17 R-71 Susana Espinoza, Alfonso Rojas-Domínguez, Sergio Ivvan Valdez and Luis Ernesto Mancilla-Espinoza Evolutionary Training of deep Belief Networks for Handwritten Digit Reconigtion
18 R-73 Mario Rossainz López, Ivo H. Pineda Torres, Ivan Olmos Pineda and Arturo Olvera López Use of parallel patterns of communication between processes for search of sequences DNA and RNAi strings
19 R-91 Diana Karina Guevara Flores, Josefina Guerrero Garcia and David Eduardo Pinto Avendaño Automatic recognition of abnormal human actions with semi-supervised training: a literature review
20 R-99 Alfredo Garcia Suárez, Juan Manuel González Calleros and Amparo Dora Palomino Merino Development of a multi-user system to identify the level of attention in people
21 R-103 Yesenia Gonzalez and Josefina Guerrero Garcia Automatic Identification of Learning-Centered Emotions: Preliminary Study for Data Collection
22 R-105 Isabel Cruz-Ruiz, Maricela Bravo and José A. Reyes-Ortiz Ontology-based Population and Enrichment of Researcher Profiles
23 R-108 Victor Manuel Morales-de-Jesús and María Somodevilla-Garcia Towards a natural language-based dialog model as an assistant tool for dementia therapy
24 R-112 Manuel Eleazar Martínez Gutiérrez, Jose Rafael Rojano Caceres, Edgard Benítez-Guerrero and Héctor Eduardo Sánchez Barrera Data acquisition software for sign language recognition
25 R-114 Rafael Guzman-Cabrera, Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay and Jose Ruiz Pinales Self-regulation from emotive feedback a catalyst for creative task appraisals in design education
26 R-115 David Muñoz, Fernando Perez-Tellez and David Pinto A web-based tagger for named entities detection
27 R-120 Blanca Nydia Perez Camacho, Juan Manuel Gonzalez Callerosand Iván Olmos Pineda Methodology for the Analysis of Electrical Consumption
28 R-122 Cecilia Reyes-Peña and Mireya Tovar Vidal Ontology: Components and Evaluation, a Review
29 R-129 Niels Martínez Guevara, Nicandro Cruz Ramírez and José Rafael Rojano Cáceres Robust algorithm of clustering for the detection of hidden variables in Bayesian networks.
30 R-134 Rabi Soto Camacho, Maria Aurora Diozcora Vargas Treviño, Sergio Vergara Limon, Guy Paic and David Eduardo Pinto Avendaño Design of an acquisition system to monitor the current of a GEM detector
31 R-135 Sara Elena Garza Villarreal and Laura Del Bosque Cyberbullying detection in social networks: A multi-stage approach
32 R-136 Miguel Angel Ortega Palacios, Josefina Guerrero García and Juan Manuel González Calleros A review of indoor navigation systems for a bipedal robot: preliminary results
33 R-142 Jaime Díaz, José Luis Carballido and Mauricio Javier Osorio Béziau’s SP3A Logic and Logic Programming
34 R-145 Carmen Cerón, Archundia Sierra, Beatriz Beltran and Jair Migliolo Inclusive software prototype with natural user interfaces to support the upper level admission exam for students with visual impairments
35 R-36 Alberto Tapia Palacios, Darnes Vilariño Ayala, Beatriz Beltran, María Somodevilla-Garcia and Jose-De-Jesus Lavalle-Martinez Captura de atributos discriminativos
36 R-56 Eugenia Erica Vera Cervantes, Yadira Navarro Rangel and Josefina Guerrero García Sistema Hipermedia Adaptativo para el apoyo del aprendizaje autónomo del idioma inglés
37 R-153 Yolanda Moyao Martínez, Darnes Vilariño Ayala, Carlos Guillén Galván and José De Jesús Lavalle Martínez Grafos de análisis sintáctico con gramáticas HRGs