Session 4B

Session chair: To be assigned

Place: Postgraduate Auditorium

From To Authors Paper Title Id
12:45 13:05 Ernesto Aparicio-Díaz, René Cumplido, Maikel Lázaro Pérez Gort and Claudia Feregrino-Uribe Temporal Copy-Move Forgery Detection and Localization Using Block Correlation Matrix 97
13:05 13:25  Oleg Starostenko, Claudia Cruz-Perez, Vicente Alarcon-Aquino and Roberto Rosas-Romero  Real-time facial expression recognition using local appearance-based descriptors  38
13:35 13:55  Humberto Pérez-Espinosa and Alejandro Antonio Torres-García  Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative features for the acoustic analysis of domestic dogs’ vocalizations 31
13:55 14:15 Oscar Herrera, Miguel González, Jaime Navarro and Victor-A Cruz-Barriguete  Inverse Formulas of Length Twelve Parameterized Orthogonal Wavelets 147