Session 1B

Session chair: To be assigned

Place: Postgraduate Auditorium

From To Authors Paper Title Id
11:00 11:20 Laura Alejandra Pinilla-Buitrago, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa and José Francisco Martínez-Trinidad Bag of k-Nearest Visual Words for Hieroglyph Retrieval 90
11:20 11:40  Rafael Guzmán-Cabrera, Juan Carlos Martínez-Espinosa and Teodoro Córdoba-Fraga Generation of Raman images through spectral mappings 34
11:50 12:10  David Céspedes-Hernández and Juan Manuel Gonzalez Calleros A Methodology for Gestural Interaction Relying on User-defined Gestures Sets following a One-shot Learning Approach 93
12:10 12:30  Héctor Miguel Camarillo-Abad, J. Alfredo Sánchez, Oleg Starostenko and Maria Gabriela Sandoval A Basic Tactile Language to Support Leader-Follower Dancing 102