Session 2A

Session chair: To be assigned

Place: Albert Einstein Auditorium

From To Authors Paper Title Id
15:30 15:50  Yuridiana Alemán, María Somodevilla-Garcia and Vilariño Darnes  Similarity metrics exploratory analysis for principal concepts detection in ontology creation  98
15:50 16:10  Edwar Giron, David Corrales, Jacques Avelino, Jose Antonio Iglesias and Juan Corrales  Rule-based expert system for detection of coffee rust warnings in colombian crops  92
16:20 16:40  Oscar William Lithgow Serrano and Julio Collado-Vides  In the pursuit of semantic similarity for literature on microbial transcriptional regulation 143
16:40 17:00  Simona Frenda, Bilal Ghanem, Manuel Montes-Y-Gómez and Paolo Rosso Online Hate Speech against Women: Automatic Identification of Misogyny and Sexism on Twitter  85