Session 6B

Session chair: To be assigned

Place: Postgraduate Auditorium

From To Authors Paper Title Id
10:45 11:05  Krystian Jobczyk Multi-Valued Deontic Halpern-Shoham Logic for Fuzzy Deontic-Temporal Expressions  27
11:05 11:25  Ivan Torres, Noé Hernández, Arturo Rodríguez, Gibrán Fuentes, Luis A. Pineda  Reasoning with Preferences in Service Robots  86
11:35 11:55  Iván Francisco Valencia, J. Raymundo Marcial-Romero and Rosa María Valdovinos  A comparison between UCB and UCB-Tuned as selection policies in GGP 138
11:55 12:15 Arles Rodriguez, Nathaly Botina, Jonatan Gomez and Ada Diaconescu  Improving Data Collection in Complex Networks with Failure-Prone Agents via Local Marking  100